Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Small Miracle

We had a teeny tiny miracle in our house a few nights ago and I wasn't here to see it (or to photograph it!)  So, in true journalistic fashion, I'm going to retell the story from my in depth interview of my husband after the miracle occurred.

Ordinarily, Charlie tends to stick pretty close to me, presumably because I'm the one most often with him.  He's definitely bonded with all of us over the course of the last few months but generally speaking, he still tends to settle in the same room as me when we're all home.

Last Thursday I left my boys home alone while I attended a memorial service in town.  As a result, Andy the Superdad was tasked with all the nighttime rituals from dinner to bedtime (something he  always executes with great care.)  The very last phase of our nighttime routine is story time where everyone gathers in Tim's room - usually Tim under the covers, Andy on top of the covers, me in the rocking chair, and Charlie balled up at the foot of Tim's bed.  Andy reads a few stories to all of us, we all get our last hugs and kisses for the night, and then we file out of Tim's room (Charlie included) leaving him to nod off.  He always, ALWAYS asks us to open the door a bit as we leave the room.  

Well, the first hand reports of my husband indicate that last Thursday while I was out, the night time ritual concluded with Andy leaving Tim's room alone.  Charlie remained curled up at the foot of the bed!  Apparently Tim was thrilled with his bed-mate and called to Andy to close the door (presumably so that Charlie wouldn't leave him!)  Andy complied with Tim's request and even checked on them both a few hours later and found them both peacefully snoozing together.   It wasn't until I activated the garage door opener hours later that Charlie popped up and nosed his way out of Tim's room.  

It's always been our goal to have Charlie share a room with Tim ... I'm going to have to chat with Wendy the Trainer a bit about how to facilitate this.  Until then, we'll just keep trying!


Michelle O'Neil said...

So sweet!

Furever Friend said...

Ahh! Too cute.. something that we aspire to as well!

DMV47 said...

Can that picture be ANY cuter?

Shannon and Cameron said...

I loved the part where you said "in true journalistic fashion." You did a great job :) So cute. BTW, I was hoping to get a shot of Tim in the pj's to see if he and baby Rosie would be matching. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pj's and outfit.... you are too sweet.

Cathy said...

That's so awesome! We have been having Sassy sleep in Jack's bed now for about 2 or 3 months and Jack stays in bed! (He used to get up in the middle of the night and crawl into our bed for cuddling.) It's so sweet when Sassy is tired and she waits outside Jack's door for us to let her in!

Melissa Mitchell said...

you all just wait until your service dogs start insisting on bedtime! I am on my second dog and live with two roommates who also have service dogs and round about their respective partners bedtimes each dog begins to lobby in their own way to go to be:)