Thursday, September 17, 2009


Like many A Club children, Tim has certain passions that border on obsessions. In particular, Tim is an absolute aviation nut. (I'm so thankful that his interests are interesting to me too!) Like any other die hard A Club parents, we leverage Tim's interests in our efforts to work on his deficits. Fortunately, aviation is a topic rife with language opportunities so we spend an inordinate amount of time at our local General Aviation airport watching airplanes and talking about anything even remotely related to aviation. We've had some great results with this strategy and I'm constantly amazed by Tim's ability to accurately identify aircraft from extraordinary distances. (Just today he spotted a P-52 Mustang, a Cirrus, two Mooneys and countless Cessnas.)

Since the arrival of Charlie approximately 18 months ago, our frequent trips to the airport have included Charlie (at the insistence of Tim.) Charlie eagerly accompanies us every time and patiently waits by Tim until he's seen enough. (Some of our airport outings last for hours ... we also have regular "picnics" at the airport which is code for having a pizza in our strategically parked car as we watch a steady stream of take-offs and landings overhead.)

I know these outings may seem odd to some but I'm certain that I'll remember them forever and with great fondness. And, of course, Charlie will be a part of every memory.


Clive said...


We can relate to this post so much. Been there, done that as they say!

Murray is totally fascinated by airplanes too and likewise can recognise and identify them from a great distance. He absolutely loves watching them taking off and landing. One of the best bits of his holiday in Boston last year was that the Seaport Hotel overlooked Logan Airport and he could sit in bed and watch the planes land and leave. He didn't want to leave the room!!

Great to see common interests!!

Take care

Michelle O'Neil said...


Jane said...


I like aviation too. But when I was young my A Club parents, who didn't know they were A Club parents were good at assisting me in my obsessions as well. For instance, my grandmother dutifully took me to dog shows, even though I think she actually didn't like them. I could recognize all the breeds (though there are some new ones I don't recognize anymore).
So bravo to the great A Club parents out there supporting the various obsessions! :-)

--Jane said...

You guys okay over there? No posts lately!

Anonymous said...

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